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In early 2012 RNIB discontinued most of their Moon products, courses and services.  If you know of any other sources of Moon products etc., please contact us.   For the Moon Forum's response to RNIB's position on Moon, click here.

See also Moon Production and Useful Links
NB Prices may have changed and, where given, are for guidance only.

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Alphabet Cards
Courses and Easy Readers for Adults: 
Journey Round the Moon (from RNIB)
Moon Journey Phase Two (from RNIB)
Courses and Easy Readers for Children and Young People:
The Moon Cats Teaching Pack (from RNIB)
Production Services
Promotional Material
Writing Moon

Alphabet Cards

The Moon Alphabet Card shows the print alphabet, including punctuation, with the equivalent Moon symbol embossed beside it.
Available from RNIB
1-3 cards - Order Number TC20044 - free
4-24 cards - Order Number TC20044 - 5p each
Pack of 25 cards - order number: TC21117 - £1.00 per pack


The RNIB National Library Service is the main source of popular fiction and non-fiction books in Moon for loan to young people and adults.
Contacts: RNIB Helpline 0303 123 9999 or email library@rnib.org.uk

ClearVision children’s library has a small but growing loans collection of very simple mainstream picture books with a few words of text in print and Moon. Some picture books with several lines of Moon text are also available from ClearVision; these are suitable for competent Moon readers, including adults reading to sighted children. ClearVision also stocks some books from the Oxford Reading Tree in Moon, as well as a few tactile books labelled in Moon.

A photograph of a range of moon library books

Linden Lodge School lends from their collection of simple stories suitable for teenagers and young adults; these books are produced using either swell paper or dotted Moon.

The University of Birmingham sells copies of a Moon Cat Rap for teenagers.


The Moon Forum publishes a quarterly magazine which appeals to a wide range of adult and teenage Moon readers. If you would like to receive a copy, or if you know of anyone who would like one, please contact Marion Ripley (contact details are available on the home page).

DeafBlind UK produces a weekly publication, Snippets, for its members on topics of general interest, and an in-house magazine, Open Hand. These are available in Moon, braille, tape, and large print.

Courses and Easy Readers for Adults

Journey Round the Moon (from RNIB)
Journey Round the Moon is a course for learning grade 1 Moon, designed for literate adults. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Moon, and introduces the touch reader to tracking (following lines with your fingers without getting lost), before teaching Moon characters in small groups. Short reading passages accompany each new feature of the Moon code as it is introduced. The pack consists of four volumes of Moon plus an alphabet and sign book. The indispensable “self-study” guide to the course is available in various formats. It introduces each topic and gives a commentary, as well as giving a full transcript of the Moon text; useful hints and information are also included.

TC20325 - Journey Round the Moon - £5.25
TC20328 - Large print guide - £2.55
TC20326 - Tape guide - £2.55

Moon Journey Phase Two (from RNIB)
Moon Journey Phase Two is the sequel to Journey Round the Moon, and is a grade 2 course designed for adults. Reading practice is provided as new signs are introduced, and the course takes readers already familiar with grade 1 Moon through the complete grade 2 Moon code. Guides to the course are available in various formats, and enable independent learning, as well as providing useful information for the new Moon reader.

TC20347 - Moon Journey Phase 2 - £5.25
TC20348 - Large print guide - £2.55
TC20349 - Tape guide - £2.55
TC20351 - Alphabet, punctuation and sign book - £1.05

RNIB National Library Service lends Journey Round the Moon and Moon Journey Phase Two and although it is recommended that they are used with a teacher, they are sent to individuals if requested. For more information contact contact customer services on 0845 702 3153.

They also also lend Moon easy readers for adults. These are very short stories and articles for practice in grade 1 and grade 2 Moon.

Courses and Easy Readers for Children & Young People

Useful ideas for teaching pre-braille and pre-Moon skills are given in the Feeling Ready to Read pack, as well as in the Braille for Infants Teachers’ Handbook. Although these resources are primarily intended for braille readers, the skills they teach are just as valid for those learning Moon. Both are available from RNIB.

The Moon Cats Teaching Pack (from RNIB)
The Moon Cats Teaching Pack is aimed at developing early literacy through Moon for young children with a visual impairment and other learning and/or physical difficulties, who may be unable to access print or braille. It is an interactive scheme, where the child is asked to read letters and simple words in response to prompts from the teacher. Ten Moon letters are taught in the Moon Cats scheme. The Teaching Guide includes ideas for activities to encourage general tactile exploration as well as ways of introducing the Moon letters.

The teaching pack comprises:

  • Print teaching guide
  • The Moon Cats reading scheme books A-D. These books are made of robust card and can be bought separately or as a pack.
  • 6 supporting audio cassettes

TC20732 - The Moon Cats Pack (books A-D) - £25.20
TC20366 - The Moon Cats Teaching Guide - £13.00
TC20367 - The Moon Cats Audio Cassettes - £6.30
TC20362 - A books - £6.30
TC20363 - B books - £6.30
TC20364 - C books - £6.30
TC20365 - D books - £6.30

See also Books above.

Production Services

Pia is a commercial company which produces Moon as well as Braille and large print.

All Formats is a commercial service producing Moon signage www.allformats.org.uk  allformats@qac.uk

Promotional material

The University of Birmingham School of Education has produced a DVD/Video with accompanying teaching guide entitled ‘Routes to Literacy Through Moon’. It is available from the University price £20.00.

Picture of the moon promotional card

A free promotional card for general distribution has been produced by the Moon Forum with sponsorship from the Blatchington Court Trust. The card has a few simple words in raised Moon and refers people to this website for further information. To place an order contact Jackie Dickinson at RNIB National Library Service jackie.dickinson@rnib.org.uk


See Downloadable Moon Font

Writing Moon

ZM03 Moonframe kit

Self-adhesive sheets for labelling (RNIB)
A pack of 8 sheets. The self-adhesive sheets measure 280mm x 290mm (approximately 11" x 11.5"). Suitable sized pieces can be cut to fit the Moon hand-frame, and then the labels can be cut out when embossed.
DL10 - Black - £5.86
DL11 - Clear - £5.86

Moon alphabet sheets (RNIB)
These yellow A4 plastic sheets are useful for making Moon labels for all manner of items, such as food containers, games, CDs and important documents. Each self-adhesive sheet is packed with Moon letters and signs that can be cut out and used as required. Characters are available in 3 font sizes; some learners find large characters easier to distinguish at first.
ZM26 - 36 point (one and a half times standard size) - £6.17

 see Moon Production for suppliers of heat fusers, embossers, etc.

Please contact RNIB helpline on 0303 123 9999 or email: helpline@rnib.org.uk for further information or to order any of the above RNIB products.

If you know of any more Moon resources to add to this list, please contact Marian Ripley at Clear Vision by emailing info@clearvisionproject.org or by phone on 020 8789 9575.


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