All you need to know about Moon

Moon font was invented in the year of 1845 by an inventor and a doctor William Moon. It is a code, or you can call it a system of curves and shapes that makes letters similar to the alphabet. In the beginning, this language was red from left to right, and when a person reaches the end of a line, it was read right to left so the reader can’t lose their place in the book. Today it is like Braille read just left to right because the majority of its users got used to that system trough Braille.

There is even a Moon font used on computers and Moon can be just like Braille easily printed. There is even a dotted Moon system for those who got used to using Braille and would like to learn Moon too. For those who don’t know Braille, it is easier to first learn standard Moon especially if the person learning it knows the written alphabet, or is not that tactile sensitive because Moon shapes are easily distinguished and they do resemble the alphabet.

Advantages of Moon

Moon is an active method of reading and its similarity to the print alphabet makes it really easy learning tool for those who know letters. That is why it is so easy for adults, or parents and friends of visually impaired person to learn Moon. There are two levels of this system Moon Grade 1 and Moon Grade 2 that can be learned quite easily without help from a teacher. Why?

Because Moon has larger characters and they are easier to understand than with Braille, because Braille is a dotted system and you need to remember the place of every dot to understand a single letter, and with Moon, you can just feel the shape and know. So, it requires less acute touch meaning that it can help in large to anyone with any other disorder, disability or problem – like how persons who suffer from diabetes have reduced sensitivity in their fingers so they need more time to understand Braille. But with Moon, they will recognize each character immediately. Those who have other physical or learning difficulties and are not able to quickly or at all learn Braille will be so happy that they got an alternative that is serving them right.

Labeling your world

Moon Grade 2 has a system of shortening words and other advantages that will speed the reading, and make books less bulky, it is also really easy to learn. With this system, you can label any item meaning that the level of independence of a visually impaired person in any space will be higher than ever. It will also raise the self-esteem of anyone who recently lost or got impaired sight and needs to learn any writing and reading system soon.

The Dotty Moon that we mentioned before can be produced just as easy as Braille, and you can do it from the same technology. The only disadvantage is that because Moon symbols are bigger than in Braille, Moon Grade 1 books are somewhat bigger. Also, the choices of books written in Moon is not that big but learning the alternative written language is quite important and can be a good setting stone in learning Braille.