Moon is an alternative tactile reading and writing system that is easier to learn than Braille. This system can help anyone who had any problem with learning or reading Braille because it overcomes the disadvantages of the dotted system. Reading Moon shapes is easier and faster for children and for adults. It is also a language that any other person, from teachers to friends and parents, can learn fast because it shapes resembles printed alphabet. Moon was invented over 170 years ago by a teacher who lost his sight and who found that children had difficulties in learning to read with the dotted system.

There are two levels of Moon system, the first consists of 26 letters and the other one have numerous shorthand advantages for faster reading. Moon is recommended to anyone who previously learned the alphabet, who lost their sight later on in life, for anyone who is not tactile sensitive enough for Braille, for people who have other physical, psychological, or learning difficulties because Moon shapes are more easily recognizable than dotted Braille system. If you want to know more check out the Wikipedia pages on this language or go to our blog and get yourself informed on this reading system.