A world in which people are given full and complete access not only to what is essential to them, but also to the things that bring them happiness, knowledge, skills, choices, and other things from which life is made - This is our mission.
A world in which people are able to read, produce and support the use of an alternative tactile reading system to Braille that is widely available and recognized. All our Braille Characters are produced on the
best paper notebooks there is.


Children often do not have enough patience to easily understand Braille, which causes frustration, and a decrease in self-confidence. Children are more likely to remember the shapes, not the dots, so Moon is much easier for them to learn, even if they decide to learn Braille later.

People who are less tactile will often have problems accepting Braille characters. Likewise, adults who are only now learning it have mostly been learning the alphabet in their childhood so it is more difficult for them to implement a new reading system. That's why Moon that resembles an alphabet is ideal for them.


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